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Stapleford Flight Centre is a medium school based at Stapleford Aerodrome in Romford, England. They specialise in both Integrated and Modular training, offering a truly comprehensive series of pilot-training aviation courses. All from PPL to MCC JOC.

School Base

Stapleford Aerodrome, Romford, England

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United Kingdom

Phone Number

+44 1708688380


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51.6527649, 0.1547455

Modular Courses

Title Additional Information Price Info Duration
EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
8 Weeks
EASA Night Rating
3 Days
EASA ATPL Theory Residential
7 Months
Hour Building
CPL before ME/CB IR Hour Building will cost £15,345
EASA Multi Engine Commercial Pilots Licence (ME-CPL)
3 Weeks
EASA Multi Engine Piston Rating
1 Week
EASA Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR)
8 Weeks
Airline Pilot Standard (APS)
15 Days
Combined Multi Crew Cooperation Course and Jet Orientation Course (MCC/JOC)
10 Days
EASA Flight Instructor Course

Integrated Courses

Title Price Duration
Integrated Flight Training Course
16 Months

Aircraft & Simulators

Piper PA28 Warrior
Cessna C152
Piper PA28R Arrow
Piper PA34 Seneca
Diamond DA42
Tecnam P2008JC
Diamond DA42 Simulator

Practical Instructors



Onsite - single occupancy rooms, £25 per night payable 1 calendar month in advance

Student Provided Pass Rates

CPL Pass Rate MEIR Pass Rate ATPL Pass Rate ATPL Average
100% 0 83.00
100% 100% 0
100% 100% 100 92.00
100 100% 100 100% 33.333333333333 33% 87.5 88%

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