Pilot Network Explained


Our key values function as the backbone to our operations. By engraining these key values into our fabric it enables us to ensure that any practices we undertake, and any decisions we make are done according to a responsible framework that is conducive to our ethos. As a business we strive to perform with Integrity, Impartiality and Transparency in everything we do. 



Our commitment to impartiality...

Pilot Network is an entirely independent platform that allows students to be open and honest about their experiences of flight training. As a company we are committed to ensuring fairness and impartiality therefore do not and will not influence, positively or negatively, a training providers Pilot Network Rating. In addition Pilot Network does not offer sponsored or paid influencing of the Pilot Network Rating. Our aim is to provide the largest source of honest and truthful feedback to aid pilots in choosing the right training provider for them.

Our policy to protect integrity...

On any platform that offers the ability to leave reviews there is potential for it to be abused. We protect the integrity of our platform through both automatic and human driven moderation. Our website team at Turtle Reality ensure all users have valid accounts and agree to our terms and conditions and then our moderation team verify the legitimacy of the review before it is published. All our verified schools receive a monthly breakdown of the number of reviews which have been posted and failed moderation. If at any point the legitimacy of a published review is questioned that review is removed until clarification has been achieved.

Our goal of transparency…

Flight Training is complicated and expensive. Our aim is to provide the truth for students be it course prices and durations, pass rates or student feedback. This will allow pilots to see the full range of training options available to them and decide on which suits them best.