Frequently Asked Questions

Pilot Network General Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Pilot Network Rating?

The Pilot Network Rating is a particular training providers overall student satisfaction rating. It is calculated from the average scores each providers reviews considering everything from training facilities to customer service. A high Pilot Network Rating suggests that a student graduates from that school extremely satisfied with the overall service they have received. The Pilot Network Rating should only be used as a guide, individual experiences may differ.  


What is a Top Rated Training Provider?

Pilot Network publish our ‘top rated training providers’ on an ongoing basis. This is not a sponsored or paid promotion post and the ratings are review based. The only way a training provider can be included is to have reached a minimum number of reviews and have received high satisfaction ratings from its reviewers. We do not influence these ratings as this would go against our core values of impartiality and integrity.


What are Enhanced Profile Providers?

Enhanced Profile Training Providers are the providers which we are in direct contact with through our Plus Training Providers Scheme, to ensure the information we display for them is both regularly updated and accurate. Training providers can join our Plus Scheme to enhance their profiles and respond to reviews, but they cannot influence their reviews. You can see which providers are already verified and some of the other benefits here.


How much does Pilot Network cost?

Pilot Network is, and always will be, free to use. We do not believe students should have to pay to receive honest advice, nor to see the range of training providers that are available to them. It will always be free for training providers to be listed on Pilot Network, while there will be further premium features available too. If you would like to find out more or wish to join Pilot Network please get in touch with us.


What are Pilot Network Giveaways?

To say thank-you for supporting Pilot Network and leaving reviews we run giveaways of aviation related content. To find out more about what we are giving away visit our social media channels. To enter, follow Pilot Network, Share the post (on either Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram) and of course leave a review. For more about our giveaways and full terms click here.

What are 'Verified Users'?

As part of our aim of providing the largest source of honest student feedback we allow reviewers to have their review published anonymously. Before a review is published anonymously it is strictly moderated to ensure it is a genuine review, then we apply our verification procedure to ensure we can ensure beyond reasonable doubt that the reviewer did in-fact train at this school. The most severe method of verification we use requires a reviewer to provide us with a course completion certificate.  


Frequently Asked Questions about ATOs


Is the training at all ATOs the same?

The minimum standard of training and safety will be the same at all ATOs as this is part of the requirement to receive approval. There is a minimum syllabus an ATO will also have to deliver. However there will be differences in the methods, aircraft and training you receive at different ATOs. 

Do I need to use an ATO for all my training?

Almost. Modular students could use lesser regulated training providers for training such as the PPL, and even a simple flying club for the hour building. All the advanced training must be delivered by an ATO. Integrated courses will always be delivered at an ATO. 

What does it mean if Pilot Network says this provider is not an ATO?

Our verified training providers who are not ATOs will have a message displayed on their profile to make you aware they are not an ATO. This does not necessarily mean their standard of training is poor it simply displays they have not taken the steps to receive approval from a competent authority. This may be as they do not need to for the type of training they offer, such as an hour building club. 

For more information about ATOs click here.