Gangster school. Lying & Stealing

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In late November, I paid 1500 EUR in advance for the A-UPRT certification. Before paying, I asked for a contract or agreement of sorts. They said "we can only provide an invoice". Okay, invoice that is. Turned out it is a part of their usual scamming plot.

After a month of training cancellations and excuses from their side, I decided to cancel the training. I had 2 hours 50 minutes of theory completed (out of 5 hours) and no flying whatsoever.

My refund request was ignored. My emails were ignored. Even though in telephone calls they firstly said that "money are already refunded", then they "confused the bank accounts", and then proceeded to ignore me completely. 

I had to visit them in-person, and the founder decided to blame me on cancelling the course. If I had not had my Polish-speaking lawyer friend out there with me, I would have gone there in vain. They skewed facts and lied straight to our faces, Arkadiusz even got confused in his own explanations.

On my second visit, I had all my proofs printed out. We agreed on a partial refund - 2/3rds of the paid sum. Their argument was that an hour of theory costs 800 PLN (roughly 180 EUR) at their school. So keep that in mind, the online theoretical training at Goldwings is very expensive.

Guess what happened next? They proceeded to ignore me again, the payment was overdue by legal term. At that point, I decided to prepare a lawsuit against them. After going for the initial review of the evidence against them with the lawyers, Goldwings finally refunded 2/3rds of the price after almost 2 months of constant fighting. 

Avoid this ATO at all costs.
I have hard proofs for everything mentioned above.

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