Pilot Network Pilot Psychometric Assessments

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Pilot Network and Symbiotics partner to help prepare future Pilots with Pilot Aptitude Assessments. 

Pilot Network Pilot Psychometric Assessments

Pilot Aptitude Tests are a hugely important step at the start of a pilots career. Used by airlines and aviation training organisations, they are designed to allow the assessor to gain an understanding of an applicant’s potential to succeed in both the training process and in their roles as a pilot, prior to any specific training taking place. As you progress throughout your career, you will continue to experience Pilot Aptitude Tests as part of any future recruitment processes. 

Prior to undergoing your Pilot Aptitude Test, taking online practice tests can help you familiarise yourself with the Pilot Aptitude Testing process, helping you to lower test anxiety and help you to achieve your true capability.

Pilot Network are proud to be working with Symbiotics to offer the very best in Pilot Aptitude Testing available using ADAPT.


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Why Symbiotics?

Symbiotics, are the owners and only providers of the genuine suite of ADAPT Pilot Aptitude Tests that are used by flight training organisations, airlines, and business jet operators in over 80 countries around the world. The ADAPT solution is used by these organisations to predict your future performance as defined by ICAO’s pilot competencies. All Symbiotics tests have been created by a team of experienced psychologists using genuine and authentic measures.

We have teamed up with Symbiotics to offer you practice assessments, allowing you to practice the ADAPT test used by airlines and training organisations across the globe.

During the early stages of the path to becoming a pilot, you will be required to pass several aptitude tests (also referred to as psychometric tests). These tests have been specially designed to demonstrate that you have both the aptitude and traits to be successful in both training to be a pilot and your career as one.

The assessments are designed to measure specific skills and aptitudes which can be broken down to include Psychomotor, Cognitive, Problem Solving and Decision-Making skills. The tests are aligned to ICAO’s pilot competencies, testing things such as situational awareness, problem solving and decision-making.


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Types of Pilot Aptitude Tests

Symbiotics provide a variety of ADAPT Pilot Aptitude Tests available for you to experience, or you can sit one of the specially designed practice tests. Grouped into job role specific bundles, you are able to choose the right set depending on your role. Assessments include 3-month access to multiple online ADAPT practice tests, featuring immediate reporting and personalised revision guidance notes.

  • Maths Test
  • Physics Test
  • Cognitive Reasoning Test
  • FAST Practice Test
  • Co-Ordination Test
  • ADAPT Personality Questionnaire
  • Aviation Interview Practice (online)


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