Ok course with great value for money

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I joined BAA for their A-UPRT as one of the very first courses to go through them on the new syllabus so this review may not reflect the state of the current product. (Completed Jan 2020) 

At the time it was one of the cheapest courses in the UK, and also one of the first to have approval. The value for money on this course with BAA cannot be under-estimated. 

The theory of the A-UPRT


- All theory covered in one day with instructors clearly experienced and able to answer every/any question. 


- Didn't feel like prevention of upsets was covered in as much detail, main focus on recovery. 

Practical training of the A-UPRT

One word. EPIC. Initial training is delivered in the Grob which was very good for demonstrating the impact of CRM in both a positive and negative manner during upsets. Felt like an extension to the unusual attitudes and recovery from the CPL. 

The advanced recovery is delivered on the Extra 200/300. Simply awesome. Possibly not very relevant to commercial operations due to performance of aircraft but to be able to fly an aircraft like that totally broadens your capacity and capability. Plus it has the performance to allow you to maintain an upset such as inverted flight, or steep high G turns - to allow you to really experience the feelings of the aerodynamics and effects on the body. Do watch out though, the extra is a cold aircraft to be in during winter - can cause you to feel ill if you are not readily dressed. 

At the time we weren't allowed to use our own headsets (pre-covid) and did find the aircraft headsets rather poor.

The BAA facilities are average, briefings were either delivered in the classroom or in the restaurant - which isn't the best place for it. The organisation of the course was fairly poor, lots of changes of plan and crossover with groups before and after - however these are possibly issues which have been ironed out now BAA have delivered more of these courses. However Adrian always made sure we were informed what was occuring so communication was good. 

Also worth mentioning Adrian takes good care of you as a pilot, doesn't chuck you inverted without asking. He also recognises your limits and flies inside them so you can enjoy the aircraft and course rather than feeling like you are being tortured. 

Overall the A-UPRT was a positive experience and I do feel I learnt from it. The product is also likely to be more polished now it has been delivered for longer. Certainly good value for money.  

Course(s) taken: Advanced Upset, Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT)






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