Pilot Network and Pooleys partnership to offer discount code and incentives 

Posted on Fri, 21/05/2021 - 16:24

Pilot Network is proud and delighted to announce a partnership with Pooleys Flight Equipment; a globally prominent and prestigious name in suppliers of flight equipment and training. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity, Pooleys upholds a strong reputation within the aviation industry and beyond.

Having the right equipment is imperative for any student pilot in order to conduct their training in the best way possible. Much of the time, this is a very overlooked part of training and can be met with much confusion when it comes to what is needed and where to purchase. With all of the demands and stresses of flight training,the last thing a student should have to worry about is whether or not they are equipped with the necessary tools to be able to tackle any of the various needs and situations they may encounter. It is important that when purchasing equipment, there is experienced help on hand to administer the best advice for each student's requirements and budget. 

Our new relationship will allow us to bring an enhanced service to our pilot community and continue to progress in helping the future of aviation. Our aim is to build a strong platform of information and advice for student pilots so that they have all of the information needed to aid their decision making process - this is mainly achieved via real student feedback of their flight training. Our platform can be used to compare training providers, from our extensive and ever growing database, by shortlisting the providers best suited to their needs, as well as reading reviews to ensure as much clarity and transparency as possible. Flight training is highly rewarding but comes with a lot of financial implications and responsibility. Choosing the correct provider and course is crucial to ensure a fluid and harmonious experience and avoid any unwanted surprises or unnecessary difficulties further down the line. 

Together with Pooleys, we are excited to announce that we will be giving away discount codes for use on purchases at www.pooleys.com, using code “pilotnetwork5”. In addition to this fantastic incentive, we are delighted to announce that every student who leaves a review on our platform: www.pilot-network.com will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win gift vouchers to spend at Pooleys. The entry will be sent out in an email after the review has been submitted and published. This incentive will help us to expand and further strengthen our endeavour to ensure pilots are equipped the best way possible for their journey to the flight deck, while being able to provide an incentive to our reviewers as a thank you for helping the pilots of tomorrow.

Pooleys has become a well respected name in the Aviation Industry, not just in the UK but globally, as a leading manufacturer and publisher of Aviation, Pilot Training and Flight Equipment. Pooleys now sell over 2750 products worldwide including many of the world's most recognisable aviation brands. www.pooleys.com. Use code ‘pilotnetwork5’ at the checkout for discounts on eligible products.


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