Decision Making Models

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Decision Making Models

Decision making models play a hugely important part in identifying a problem and finding the most safest, appropriate and expeditious resolve. These models are used throughout aviation, whether it be on the ground or in the air. Below we have the three main ones that are used across the industry. You will notice that they all adopt the same structure and content as they each cover all of the important actions, but just vary in their abbreviations. T-DODAR, PIOSEE, FORDEC. For this reason we will annotate in detail, T-DODAR, but present you just the visual models of PIOSEE and FORDEC.

T - D O D A R


t-dodar time


t-dodar diagnose


t-dodar options


decide t-dodar


t-dodar assign


t-dodar review

P I O S E E  /  I P O S E E


piosee iposee







Both PIOSEE and FORDEC are time-critical decision making models just like T-DODAR. In all of the models, it is vital to always keep monitoring the Time and Review/Evaluate/Check aspect throughout the whole situation.


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