5 Aviation Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas Gifts

5 Aviation Christmas Gift Ideas 

We are deep in the festive period but its never too late for a last minute gift for an aspiring pilot. With the help of our sponsors Pooleys Flight Equipment we have come up with 5 must see products. 

Pooleys 2023 Flight Guide

With over 6 decades of flight guides produced by Pooleys the 2023 Flight Guide is yet another pilots favourite. Filled with information and aerodrome charts for 982 UK Airfields it is the perfect gift for any UK aviators. 


Use Pooleys discount code ‘pilotnetwork5’ for discounts on eligible products.

Pooleys Pilot Diary 2023

The perfect stocking filler this winter comes in the form of the Pooleys Pilot Diary. Littered with aviation and airfield information its the ideal gift for timekeeping aviators. 


Lightspeed Delta Zulu ANR Headset including Carbon Monoxide Sensor

New to the market late in 2022 is the the latest Lightspeed Delta Zulu ANR headset. This one is unique in that it features a Carbon Monoxide sensor a potentially lifesaving addition for general aviation pilots.


Garmin D2 Mach 1 Aviators Watch

If you've ever wanted your watch to feature an aviation moving map, real-time heath monitoring and the ability to receive weather information and flight plans then the Garmin D2 Mach 1 Aviators Watch is the product you are looking for.


Pooleys Pilot Starter Pack

An all year round gift, the Pooleys Pilot Starter Pack contains everything a budding pilot will need at the start of their training. Perfect for fixed wing pilots starting their journey towards their PPL. 


Use Pooleys discount code ‘pilotnetwork5’ for discounts on eligible products.

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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